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         When my wife and I became home owners we began putting our own style into decorating and customizing our new condo.  The Kitchen and living area needed some love, but most of all our bedroom.  We wanted a Relaxing and Comfortable atmosphere. After all, this is a place were most people spend a lot of time and making it our own Soothing Oasis was a must.


My wife went on and on about how she wanted a nice headboard to give the room an "adult feeling" and I was to be the one to deliver on that request. So after searching high and low to find what she was describing, it was going to cost thousands of dollars or not have the look that she wanted. Every time I swung... I came up empty and there is no compromising when it comes to the bedroom.


It made me realize how there aren't many quality and affordable options out there to personalize your room with a beautiful headboard. I wanted to give my wife the space she had imagined, so I began building a headboard myself and that was the beginning of Hangin Headz Customized Headboards. ​


Now my wife's happy with the headboard she envisioned and I guess you can say we finally have good handle on this whole "Adulting" thing!


Hanging Headz is a Customized Headboard company that provides headboards that will fit your style, space and budget. The Headboards hang on your wall as if it was a picture, so no legs are required. Your other furniture may be expensive, but your headboard doesn’t have to be. We wanted to offer a fully customized product that cannot be found in stores, but for a fraction of the cost.  With your choice of shapes, fabrics and embellishments, no one will be able to say, "I have the same one."


Consult with us today! 

Our designers will start brain storming some ideas for your new look.

Reward yourself with a bedroom face lift.

Give your room a look fit for a King or Queen, or give your children a personalized look that they can grow into and be proud of.

Depending on design, you can expect your headboard in 1-3 weeks time. Delivery and installation is available if needed. 


Bulk orders for hotels and resorts also availble, inquire about discounts if ordering for commericial property.


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